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Coaching call with Scott Ginsberg

I was selected to receive a free coaching call from Scott Ginsberg, the Name Tag Guy.  Only 15 people were selected out of all the respondents.  The call was very useful.  Scott and I talked about my website, my marketing message, social networking sites, blogging, Duct Tape Marketing, E-Myth Revisited business approach and about me conducting marketing workshops and seminars.  Scott is very good at playing devil’s advocate and asking great questions.  I gained a lot of insight from our call.


In reference to my marketing workshops, we also discussed Scott’s three newest books, The Approachable Salesperson, The Approachable Manager and The Approachable Frontline.  I recently purchased the books to put the practices to use at 360 Graphics, as well as deliver marketing seminars on the concepts in the near future.  I am in the process of reading them now and they’re great!  Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Scott.  I think he’s a very cool guy and has accomplished extraordinary things in his mere 28 years.  I was instantly drawn to his creative mind and business concept when he gave the keynote at the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network Business Expo in Toledo, Ohio a couple years ago.  Scott and I have kept in light contact, and I’ve followed his works ever since.  I am glad to have him as an information source.  If you don’t know who Scott is check out:



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WEN Holiday Open House

I just came back from the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network’s Holiday Open House at Fort Meigs Museum in Perrsyburg, OH.  The set up was beautiful.  There were several vendors offering a variety of gift ideas.  Due to a family Christmas party, I wasn’t able to get there until almost the end, but it looked to be a successful day.  Even though I had less than an hour, I did a little holiday shopping, caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and met a new prospective WEN member.  I even made a couple connections for new marketing projects in the near future.  Now to me, that’s a successful networking event!

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