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Proactive vs Reactive PR

Did you know that PR (Public Relations) can be either proactive or reactive?  Small businesses need to be aware that it is both.  Proactive PR is when you’ve got something positive happening that you want people to know about, such as a special event, a promotion, a new hire, etc…  Reactive PR is when something not so great happens in your business or industry.  For example your industry has a major rule change, your restaurant has a food bourne illness outbreak or your retail store has a small fire.  If the fire is not going to shut down your store, you want people to know you are still open for business.  Press releases can be sent out during any of these occasions and countless others to bring the media’s attention to your story.  As a small business owner, make sure you have the ability or outsource capability to send out press releases quickly as new things, good or bad, happen within your business.


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Feeling slighted by the newspaper?

Ever wonder why the local newspaper seems to write stories about other businesses in town and not yours?  He’s got people lined up out the door and you are watching out your front window wondering how come they didn’t pick you.  Chances are it’s because the other guys is sending in press releases on a somewhat regular basis.  A press release is a specially formatted, extremely short clip about what you’ve got going on.  Careful though, newspaper editors want them formatted a certain way or else they end up in the “recycling bin.”  Today most papers prefer digital versions.  They receive press releases about all kinds of businesses, organizations and events every day or week.  They quickly scan them and figure out what’s interesting.  Those are the stories they write and the places they visit.  So don’t feel slighted, you just need to have a PR professional start sending out press releases for you!

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