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Create a Visability Plan to Map Social Media Efforts

With social media changing how we market our businesses today, there is a new document your business needs. In addition to a business plan and a marketing plan, you should also create a Visability Plan. Basically a summary of all the ways that you are putting yourself and your company out there online. How are you keeping your customers engaged, informed and maybe even entertained?


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12 Steps to Improve Your Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

During a recession, many businesses make a fatal mistake by cutting back on marketing to save money. Big mistake! Without proper marketing, you don’t stand a chance of surviving. Sound harsh? It is. But there are many ways you can market on a shoestring budget.

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Fix your service for higher profits

Better service means more customer satisfaction, which leads to more positive word-of-mouth, which leads to more leads, sales and profit for you. That’s marketing at it’s finest!

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