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Main Street Marketing for the Small Business in 2009

The countdown begins.  With less than a month to go in ’08, it’s time for small businesses to look towards 2009 marketing plans.  Wow!  Just typing that number looks weird to me.  Doesn’t it seem like yesterday we were all in a panic about “Y2K” and the changes and problems  it would bring to businesses? 

Well, here we are in the last year of the “0 somethings” already, and 2009 is certainly going to go out with a bang.  Between the turbulent economy, a new political regime soon to take over, and technology advances that are flipping the world of business and marketing upside down it’s a scary, yet exciting time for small businesses. 

“Main Street Marketing” is one of this year’s newest buzz terms.  What does it mean?  It’s the small business.  The mom and pops’.  The independent restaurants and retailers.  The entrepreneurs and one man shows.  The small manufacturing, service, product and professional service businesses.  It’s all of us who are not part of “Corporate America”.  We’re down on Main Street in Anytown, USA.  We are the ones that will keep this country alive, create new jobs, invent new ways to generate revenue, and pick up the slack from the corporate giant’s that are crumbling.  It’s up to us to be flexible, innovative and lightening quick to handle the changes that are about to come.

A lot of technology shifts are coming into play.  The new worlds of social media marketing, mobile marketing, online networking, internet marketing and going back to good old fashioned relationship building are going to play a key role in 2009 and beyond. 

As a marketing coach and small business owner, I am in a position where I have no other choice than to devote a good portion of my time everyday to trying to keep up with what’s going on out there.  I must learn about new technologies, trends and concepts every day.  This blog is devoted to the small business owner seeking information about how to move your business forward in 2009 and beyond through smart, effective, adaptative marketing.  Please jump in and post comments, ask questions, and provide any knowledge you have that the rest of us can benefit from.  I promise to provide you with useful marketing information that can help you save and grow your business.


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