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Promoting clients and networking friends on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Networking is how I have built and sustain my business(es).  Over the years I have built up quite a large sphere of friends that I regularly see at various events around Toledo.  In person, we’re always connecting one other and promoting each other’s services. 

As a graduate of the Certified Networker Program, I value good networking etiquette and wouldn’t think of shoving my card at someone I don’t know and that didn’t ask me for it.  Rarley do I ever talk about what I do unless someone asks me first.  Instead, I love it when I walk into a room and one of my friends makes a new connection for me and tells the person she already knows needs my services what I do first.  I love it!   Of course I do the same for them.  That’s how I do business.

With the rise of the new Social Media, my in-person network is now finding ourselves communicating online as much as off.  How could we use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote each other as well as our clients?  I would like to apply the Giver’s Gain rule to Social Media and spend more time promoting others than myself. 


PS:  We just opened up registration for the next Social Media Breakfast Toledo  event!


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Eight Tips for the Twitter Beginner


I ran across this post on Twitter this morning that I thought may be helpful to Twitter newbies.  Follow me

“…I’ve read a lot of really good Twitter posts recently, including the Ultimate Guide to Everything Twitter to How Huge Brands Are Using Twitter to 101 Ways to Be Rocked by Twitter.  All good and useful. Yet, I still get questioned from most marketing executives who truly believe Twitter is a waste of time. About a year ago, I agreed with them.  Now, Twitter is one of the most important business tools I use and drives more than 10% of our total website traffic.

So, here are just some baby steps that you usually don’t learn until you are well into your Twitter career (struggling to figure out how to use it).  Hopefully these will be helpful.

  1. Don’t ever answer the question “What are you doing?” No one cares that you are drinking coffee and just finished dinner.  Answer the question with something that is always informative or helpful. This could be a link to a great article or a video that caught your attention.  If you want to tell people that you love a particular song, link to the song (now that’s helpful). Better yet, continually link to helpful content that your customers need for their careers.From a business standpoint, if you focus on a particular subject, you’ll gain a core following quickly.  For example, 90% of my tweets focus on some aspect of content, marketing or publishing.  If those interest you, you can follow me @juntajoe.
  2. If you are using Twitter on the Twitter website you probably don’t get all the hype. What you need is a Twitter management system like Tweetdeck or Tweetgrid. That way, you can not only “listen” when people are talking about you, but you can also search on keyword phrases or follow hash tags (#contentstrategy) that are important to you. I prefer Tweetdeck.
  3. If you have a blog or article RSS feed, use Twitterfeed to automatically “tweet” your post or article. I’ve talked to dozens of people who were using and manually doing this process until they found Twitterfeed. Once that’s done, use the Twitter Facebook app to automatically update your Facebook status through Twitter.
  4. Be democratic. Don’t just push out your own content all day long. Push out interesting and relevant stories that aren’t yours (possibly even your competition). You’ll be viewed as a much more credible source if you are seen as a market servant, instead of just a traffic hog.
  5. Complete your profile. I’m so surprised at the number of people that don’t even complete their name in their Twitter profile.  You’ll get less followers without a name.
  6. Don’t use Auto Direct Message.  Only use direct messaging for personal notes.  Auto DM’s are way too impersonal and salesy for any social media, including Twitter. Don’t believe me? Read this post by Robert Scoble.
  7. Lethal generosityRead this blog post by Shel Israel on the concept of lethal generosity in social media. Give until it hurts and you will gain followers quickly.  Just like our content marketing…relevant, valuable information creates fans out of customers and prospects.  It works on Twitter as well.
  8. Shhh…listen!  Remember, Twitter’s most important function is as a listening device (also called “listening post”).  Whether it’s you, or your social media staffer, someone in your organization should be listening to what’s being said about you, your brand, and your industry.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take this tool seriously.”

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1st Social Media Breakfast Toledo great success!

The first of many Social Media Breakfast Toledo events took place Friday, April 3 2009 at the Elks Lodge in Toledo, Ohio.  79 people attended and another 67 viewed the live streamed video.  WTOL filmed the event and provided news coverage.  Feedback has been awesome! 

The next event will be May 1st 7:30-9:30 am at the Elks Lodge on Holland-Sylvania in Toledo, OH. 


The Social Media Breakfast Toledo Team:   Patrick Giammarco, Janeile Cudjoe, Julie Cantu, Tim Langhorst, Dave Rigotti, Damian Rintelmann, Kevin Cesarz, Allen Mireles, Mike Driehorst, Michael Temple, Steve Robison, Victoria Kamm

Check out our online networking site:

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Since When is Fear a Gift?

Book Review:  The Gift of Fear

By Nick Nigro, Career Services Director at Davis College, Toledo, Ohio

Our new babysitter makes me feel uneasy. That stranger in a deserted parking lot offers me unsolicited help. I am driving in an area where I don’t feel safe; yet, I keep going. I give my credit card information easily over the phone even though I am not comfortable with the person on the other end. A contract gets signed with a business professional even though I don’t know the person very well. These are situations that are very real to any on of us. The feeling of threat and fear is all around us. We can protect ourselves if we simply trust our gut instincts, our intuition.

 In The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker shows us how to spot even the most subtle signs of danger – before it is too late. Often times, we think that most violent acts or dangers are unpredictable. If I were to interview you after you’ve encountered a situation gone bad; I believe you would admit that you had a bad feeling and you just didn’t listen to it.

 This ground-breaking book opened my eyes to the realities that with every person and in every circumstance I take in messages that translate into feelings that translate into daily actions and modes of operation. Our intuition takes it all in and communicates it back to us constantly. Gavin de Becker says that the only time our intuition lies to us is when we don’t listen to it. 

 While reading this book you will learn specific ways to protect yourself and those you love, including…how you act when approached by a stranger…when you ought to fear someone close to you…what to do if you are being stalked…how to uncover the source of anonymous threats and phone calls…the biggest mistake you can make with a threatening person…and so much more. It is like reading a thriller. Once I started listening to it on CD I couldn’t stop.

 In a day and age when we live with suspicious feelings and violence all around us, this book offers some timely insight. I highly recommend it to you as business professionals, as people constantly meeting people who want to develop relationships with us. The quality of your day-to-day life will be greatly improved after you read and apply what you’ve read in this book.

 We know how important first and lasting impressions are to our success both personally and professionally. This author changed my understanding and my way of thinking. You owe it to yourself to train yourself to trust your intuition and to learn how to do it effectively. I will guarantee that it will make a huge difference. Befriend your fear. Let it be a gift to help you. I’d lend you my book; however, I really want you to own your own.

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Twitter: Don’t become a Follow-aholic

twitter-logoDon’t be a Follow-aholic!

Twitter, the biggest current social media craze, can be very powerful and very addicting.  It’s easy to get caught up in getting lots of people to follow you on Twitter these days.  But it’s important to keep your focus on following people who add value and useful information to what’s important in YOUR daily life.  It doesn’t matter if you follow 20 people or 10,000 people.  If the 10,000 are not adding value to your life but the 20 are really useful sources, then obviously less is more.

Here’s a great article I just came across about avoiding becoming a Twitter Follow-aholic.  There are excellent sources and tools in this article too.  Enjoy!

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Social Media Breakfast Toledo – April 3rd


Join us for the first ever Social Media Breakfast Toledo.  A power team of marketing professionals have come together to form a new monthly networking event to help everyone understand the benefits of and how to use social media tools such as blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to grow your business.  Open to public – please rsvp as we only have 200 seats!  Great networking and lots of information and guidance.

When:   Friday, April 3, 2009    7:30-9:30 am

Where:  Elks Lodge – Holland-Sylvania Rd between Central & Sylvania Ave.  Toledo, Ohio

Cost:   $10 – includes breakfast


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Social Media Breakfast in Toledo, OH

The plans are in the works to bring a Social Media Breakfast to the Toledo, Ohio area very soon.  Patrick Giammarco of PWG Marketing, myself Julie Cantu of 360 Graphics, and other local marketing experts are working on organizing the event.  I believe the original concept came from Bryan Person, social media evangalist.  If you want to learn more about how social media tools can help you get more connected to your customers, prospects and peers, stay tuned for more details.  What are your most burning questions about social media that we could address?

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