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December 5, 2008 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

LinkedIn is one of the social networking powerhouses.  It’s like a grown up version of Facebook.  Business professionals from around the world are linking up with their networks and discovering a whole new way of connecting.

One of the key things I use LinkedIn for is to research information on prospective clients I would like to court.  LinkedIn users put way more personal information on their profile than they ever do in a website.  If they’ve taken the time to properly fill out their profile, you can discover what their background is, where they went to college, what interests them, and really get a sense of who they are as a person.  You’ll discover key bits of information that will allow you to connect on a much more personal level.  This is key to building quality relationships. 

The Recommendations are very powerful.  When you and others in your network take the time to write great recommendations for each other, he credibility factor soars!  Note:  Only write recommendations for people in your network that you have personally done business with and have been pleased with the results, or that you have known on a very personal level for a long period of time.  If all users adhere to this simple, ethical practice the power of the recommendations will go undiluted.

LinkedIn Groups are another great tool.  You can search for groups such as the college or university you attended, networking groups you belong to, local groups in your business community, professional groups made up of others in your field around the world and more.  Each group has it’s own members list and discussion board. 

LinkedIn has a Job Board where you can post or search for  job openings.  Headhunters and recruiters are using LinkedIn like crazy to research and discover talented professionals.

There is a great Question & Answer session where tons of very useful information, expertise and insight is being shared on every business topic imaginable. 

Once inside LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless.  I have personally made a few great connections that have turned into profitable business relationships.  I am looking forward to LinkedIn being an intagral part of my 2009 Marketing Plan.


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