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To tweet or not to tweet? Twitter is the question…

Are you as confused about Twitter as the rest of us? Here’s an article I came across in my quest for more information on the microblogging phenomenon. 10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners.


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Entrepreneurism is….

“Entrepreneurism is living a few years of your life like most people won’t,

So you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t.” sky_ladder

Here’s to all my fellow entrepreneurs working hard, long hours turning your vision into a reality!  Keep pressing on there’s a bright light up ahead!

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Continuing with E-Myth Revisited

The E-Myth Revisited is definitely my newest favorite book!   (I know it’s not new, I’m just reading now after it collected dust on my shelf).   I wouldn’t have normally let it sit there like that, but someone told me when I bought it that it was no good.  They said that it basically told you to just franchise your business and sell it to make nomey.  Don’t remember who said that but obviously they didn’t read the book.  Sorry I listened.  But, maybe the book is having such an impact on me right now because my company is going through a hugh growth spurt and the information is EXACTLY what I need at this moment in time.   I read it in less than a week and have the basic info for my protype laid out.  I’m far from done working on that, but WOW does this book make you think and work ON your business, not in it.

This system is powerful for any entrepreneur, or technician that had an entrepreneurial seizure as the book discusses.  Lucky for me I fall into the very small percentage of small business owners that is highly entrepreneurial.  I am not at all a technician turned owner, as most struggling business owners are.  If you are not getting what you want out of your business and your life, definitely read The E-Myth Revisited. 

I went on Amazon today and ordered E-Myth Mastery and the E-Myth Manager as follow up reads.  More about those later….

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Coaching call with Scott Ginsberg

I was selected to receive a free coaching call from Scott Ginsberg, the Name Tag Guy.  Only 15 people were selected out of all the respondents.  The call was very useful.  Scott and I talked about my website, my marketing message, social networking sites, blogging, Duct Tape Marketing, E-Myth Revisited business approach and about me conducting marketing workshops and seminars.  Scott is very good at playing devil’s advocate and asking great questions.  I gained a lot of insight from our call.


In reference to my marketing workshops, we also discussed Scott’s three newest books, The Approachable Salesperson, The Approachable Manager and The Approachable Frontline.  I recently purchased the books to put the practices to use at 360 Graphics, as well as deliver marketing seminars on the concepts in the near future.  I am in the process of reading them now and they’re great!  Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Scott.  I think he’s a very cool guy and has accomplished extraordinary things in his mere 28 years.  I was instantly drawn to his creative mind and business concept when he gave the keynote at the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network Business Expo in Toledo, Ohio a couple years ago.  Scott and I have kept in light contact, and I’ve followed his works ever since.  I am glad to have him as an information source.  If you don’t know who Scott is check out:


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Resolving the inner conflict within every Entrepreneur


I began reading an excellent book this week,

The E-Myth Revisited:

Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It. 

Sadly it’s been sitting on my shelf for the months awaiting me to pick it up.  I wish I’d have read it a long time ago, but glad I am now.  I am only about 30 pages in today, but already I can tell this one is a winner.   Have you ever wondered why sometimes it feels like as a business owner you are your worst enemy?  Do you have days were you are very productive and task oriented, and other days you’re a dreamer and can’t seem to stay on task?  Did you start a business because it seemed like so much fun and the right thing to do, but a little ways into it you’re feeling like a prisoner?  If so, pick up a copy of this book and find out why. I’ll be posting more as I read through it. 

Have you read “The E-Myth Revisited”?  What did you think?  Was it helpful to your business?

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WEN Holiday Open House

I just came back from the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network’s Holiday Open House at Fort Meigs Museum in Perrsyburg, OH.  The set up was beautiful.  There were several vendors offering a variety of gift ideas.  Due to a family Christmas party, I wasn’t able to get there until almost the end, but it looked to be a successful day.  Even though I had less than an hour, I did a little holiday shopping, caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and met a new prospective WEN member.  I even made a couple connections for new marketing projects in the near future.  Now to me, that’s a successful networking event!

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Toledo Choose Local Holiday Gala

I attended the Toledo Choose Local Holiday Gala on Friday, December 7th downtown Toledo at the 20 N. Gallery.  If you haven’t heard of them yet:  TCL is a fairly new business group comprised of locally owned businesses.  The focus is on educating and inspiring nw ohio consumers to buy local. 

20 N Gallery was the event venue.  The art studio was beautiful, very homey and relaxing.  There were a number of  Toledo Choose Local members in attendance.  They gave away lots of prizes from member businesses including restaurant gift certificates, messages, and more.   Winners were chosen from drawn by participating in the buy local scavenger hunt over the past several weeks. 

Toledo Choose Local has a great concept that fits right in with the 360 Graphics business model.  We are all about supporting the local, independent business owner and encouraging the community to support them by buying local as much as possible.

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