Spoof video of “The Office” about learning to use Twitter

Here is a funny video I found that is a take-off from the t.v. show “The Office” about how and why to use Twitter.  I found the video at http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/5062/The-Marketing-Office-How-HubSpot-Learned-Twitter.aspx

If you want to learn why and how to really use Twitter for your business and growing your relationships, consider attending the live class I am teaching on it at The Whitman Center at Monroe Community College in Temperance, Michigan later this fall

When:  Monday, November 2, 2009, 5:30-7pm  

Cost: $19  

To register call The Whitman Center (734) 847-0559

Thank you! Julie Cantu julie@my360graphics.com


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Recap of David Meerman Scott webinar @ #IMU

David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” and “World Wide Rave” just gave a great webinar presentation at the Inbound Marketing University #IMU that I am enrolled in this week. Here is a quick recap of his major points:

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I am taking the Inbound Marketing University certification program this week!

Attending IMU

Inbound Marketing University – 10 classes on the most up-to-date marketing and social media best practicies, an exam review and certification exam to become a 2009 Inbound Marketing University graduate. – Julie Cantu owner at 360 Graphics, LLC

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Learn business blogging from the expert, Dave Rigotti

Are you curious whether or not starting a blog could help your business?  Have you started a blog (or maybe several) only to have abandoned them and never stuck around long enough to get results?  Do you work for  a company that is now starting to realize the value in social media and blogging is your newest responsibility?  If so, don’t miss the next Social Media Breakfast Toledo  (Event #3)

Dave Rigotti, social media marketing expert will be explaining what business blogging is all about, how to start, what to post and how to specifically use WordPress to help your business grow.  The planning committee for Social Media Breakfast Toledo has been lucky enough to have Rigotti be part of our group.  He has 9 years experience in social media and is truely at the forefront.  We call him our “Doogie Howser” because Dave started learning and doing client work for social media as a teen.  The wealth of knowledge he has is incredible.  So much so that Microsoft has hired Dave to be a product manager for their search division.  He is leaving Toledo this month to take on that new role, fresh out of the University of Toledo.  We are sad to see him go, but excited for his great new career!  Way to go Dave!  So don’t miss this last opportunity to hear what he has to say about social media and in particular blogging for business.

Register for the event at:   http://www.smbtoledo3.eventbrite.com

Joint the Social Media Breakfast Toledo’s social network:  http://www.smbtoledo.ning.com

Follow updates on Twitter #smbtol

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2nd Social Media Breakfast Toledo #smbtol

Here’s the ustream video from this morning’s 2nd Social Media Breakfast Toledo.  Aaron Newman, founder of Techrigy, flew in from Rochester, NY to speak to approx 70 Toledo business owners and professionals on Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Social Media Measurement.  Follow @aaronnewman on Twitter and learn more at www.techrigy.com


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It’s not about you! Write web copy for your customer.

Here’s a great blog post from my friend Patrick Giammarco of PWG Marketing about what content to include on your website. It’s prime real estate, use it wisely!

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Promoting clients and networking friends on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

Networking is how I have built and sustain my business(es).  Over the years I have built up quite a large sphere of friends that I regularly see at various events around Toledo.  In person, we’re always connecting one other and promoting each other’s services. 

As a graduate of the Certified Networker Program, I value good networking etiquette and wouldn’t think of shoving my card at someone I don’t know and that didn’t ask me for it.  Rarley do I ever talk about what I do unless someone asks me first.  Instead, I love it when I walk into a room and one of my friends makes a new connection for me and tells the person she already knows needs my services what I do first.  I love it!   Of course I do the same for them.  That’s how I do business.

With the rise of the new Social Media, my in-person network is now finding ourselves communicating online as much as off.  How could we use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote each other as well as our clients?  I would like to apply the Giver’s Gain rule to Social Media and spend more time promoting others than myself. 


PS:  We just opened up registration for the next Social Media Breakfast Toledo  event!

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